The Mechanics section is divided into two production areas: 1) Machining and 2) Surface Treatments. In these two production areas, raw materials (aluminum, brass, magnesium, steel and titanium) are transformed into components of great technical specification and high surface finishes that encompass all Leica products.


Machining is made with state-of-the-art CNC machines but there is also more conventional equipment which, coupled with the experience and knowledge of our staff, allow us to carry out specific and very complex operations that Leica products require.


Surface Treatment begins with manual polishing, a time-consuming and demanding process in which the polishers, with true handcrafted work, provide the pieces with a unique finish, characterised by high quality standards and technical requirements. Anodising, Chroming and Painting, combined with the excellence of the machining processes, provide high quality aesthetic and geometric pieces, guaranteed by professional inspection of all units produced.